Entrepreneurship Training


Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurship Development Program by Dharmesh Gajjar is our flagship program scientifically designed for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to imbibe and practice the Entrepreneurial competencies that can lead to a successful enterprise.


• You want to be your own boss.

• You want to grow your business – Expansion, diversification, variation, find a niche

• Develop the next level of business skills.

• Want to earn more!

• Clarity of business purpose and motivation to achieve it.

• Selection of feasible business product/service and a detailed business plan to make it successful.

• Awareness and development of the entrepreneurial attitude and aptitude.

• Network of other entrepreneurs exploring the similar journey, mentors who have worked with and guided 1000s of entrepreneurs.

'Employability skill development' is a word today discussed in every board room, meetings across all industries. The primary reason for this is continuously changing global business, changing consumer lifestyle, consumer buying pattern and challenging trade situations between various countries. All these together have put a greater challenge in front of every business of not only growth but even to survive in sudden turbulent times. Corporates, companies, industries, businesses, factories want to recruit fresh graduates/people who are aware of 'employability skills', so that from day one of their joining, they can start giving result to the company as expected. Development of critical 'employability skills' in a career requires the know-how of many practical skills which, a student/person, seldom gets exposed to. Even if he/she knows a bit about this, the actual depth is not known, as per the industry or market requirement. On the other side, a graduate/undergraduate student, when completes education from a college, has many dreams about his/her career. The student has full confidence in self, based on the academic journey he/she has completed. But 'professional success' calls for practical skills which market demands, which, unfortunately, the fresh graduate student is mostly lacking and also unaware of. Our 'Employability Skill Development Training' program, actually addresses this problem and is designed to make 'participant' ready to champ in work life.