About Us


We are corporate business coach, consultant, we help organization to grow their business, we help owner to make them free from their business, so they can think more and more to develop new business era. We help organization structure to work flow in systematic way, helping them by providing solution of their problems in every area like Marketing, sales, production and hr, etc.
We provide the strategic plan and ideas in systematic way, we help them to follow, we do keep supervision, proper guidance and supports with respect to interval full days’ visit. We do required analysis, providing the reports, suggestion, guidance, and many more, helping by providing training & developments, paper works, 24/7 beck office supports. In every department.

What We Consult?

Dhyan consultancy, design module for organization in 3 different ways.

  • OGC - Organization Growth Consulting.
  • OSP – Operation strategy process.
  • EDP- Employees Developments Programme.